Ocean's Ocean

Ocean’s Ocean is a series of long-exposure photographic composites of the ocean, exploring its nature as an entity that is stable, but ever-changing. By leaving the shutter open as the waves move before my lens, I create images which describe the ocean’s never-ending metamorphosis.

The series draws its name from the 1929 poem “Magic” by the Japanese poet Kitasono Katue, itself simply a repetition of two characters: ‘umi', which translates as ocean, and ‘no’, one of the Japanese possessives. Read out loud, the words umi no umi no umi recall the monotonous and eternal crashing of waves, while the visual form of the poem echoes this through the continuous march of the characters across the page. In the introduction to a collection of Katue's poems, Karl Young asks “Does the ocean keep on possessing or grabbing itself? Does it try to be all consuming?”.

All is flux, nothing stays still