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Photographs are said to freeze time, and most exposures are short enough that the passage of time is not apparent. While we have become accustomed to what is often called ‘straight photography,’ this style is not adequate to convey my experience of the ocean. By leaving the camera’s shutter open for several seconds, making several exposures, and combining them into a single image, I create photographs that, while not traditionally sharp, suggest the fleeting nature of the sea.

These photographs are made during hurricanes in the United Statesand storms on the coast of Portugal. The series has not yet been completed.

Jonathan Lipkin has been featured in designboom, Magaceen, Le Temps, and The Hopkins Review. He has been exhibited at the Photo Speaks festival in Korea, the Kresge gallery at Ramapo college, The Spur in Southampton, Currents 826 in Santa Fe, and is currently on view at 180 the Store.

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